In unserem Programm sind u.a. die folgenden Songs enthalten:

Say Mama (Johnny Meeks - Jack Earl)
Boogie All Day (Alvin Lee)
Stray Cats Strut (Brian Setzer)
Summertime (George Gershwin)
Route 66 (Bobby Troup)
These Boots Are Made For Walking
Boogie At Midnight (Roy Brown)
Well Oh Well (Tiny Bradshaw)
Rock This Town (Brian Setzer)
Move It (Ian Samwell)
He Will Come Back (Alis Lesley)
Hide And Seek (Paul Winley - Ethel Byrd)
Brand New Cadillac (Vince Taylor)
Run Chicken Run (Link Wray)
Rag Mop (Johnnie Lee Willis)
Funnel Of Love
Mrs. Marple’s Rumba
Honey Bun
Shake This Shack Tonight
Rag Mop
Diggin’ The Boogie
Yo Yo Baby

Feelin’ Happy
Four To The Bar
Hate To Sleep Alone
Scat The Riff
Wild Saxophone
You Can’t Stop Me
Sag, Drag & Fall
Latch On
Pink & Black
Miss Pearl
Something I Said
Flip, Flop & Fly
James Bond / Peter Gunn
Rock this Town
Surf Rider
Misery Lou
Swingin’ All Day
Little Pig
Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie
Tainted Love
La Bamba
Twist A Saint-Tropez


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Be Careful 2:20 MP3 2.14 MB
Do What I Do 2:46 MP3 3.80 MB
Lets Go Boppin Tonight 2:41 MP3 2.46 MB
Move It 3:33 MP3 3.25 MB
Run Chicken Run 2:19 MP3 3.20 MB
Shake This Shack 2:34 MP3 2.35 MB